Who's That Character?

Hi all! Gen here.

We all know that the guys are waaaay more into comics than I am, and I frequently ask them questions when they go off on comic related topics or into the depths of comic history. For me, I read a lot of Archie as a child and didn't really get into Marvel/DC heroes until the 90's X-Men cartoon and Batman: The Animated Series.

So I thought it might be fun for Kevin and Brent to send me some lesser known characters from comics, and let me guess (aka make up) their names and powers. So here's the first one:

(Disclaimer: I mean no offence by any of my comments on these posts. I genuinely have no idea who any of these characters might be.)

Name(s): The Rainburgler? Captain Prism? Refraction Man? Colour Spectrum!

Hero or Villain: I'm guessing hero. No one would take a villain seriously in that get up

Thoughts on Appearance: Wow. I wonder if he purposely styled his hair to match his shoulder pads or if that was just a happy coincidence. Also the poofy sleeves are a nice touch. I find it odd that the spandex costume goes all the way up his neck. That must be hard to pull up and keep in place. Every time he turns his head or opens his mouth, it would slip down. And how come he doesn't have any eyes? Is he blind? I do like the rainbow motif. Very simple and understated. He could have gone full colour spectrum (ooo! I'm adding that to the names list) with crazy rainbow colours everywhere but he kept it to the chest area and went with black and white everywhere else.

Powers: I'm really hoping he shoots rainbows from his fingers. I don't care what they do, but it would be fun to see.

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