September 25 - October 10, 1987

Sorry for the delay in posts, it has a busy few weeks for me theatrically, and life has finally returned to a semblance of normalcy.

Since my last post we are deep into the fall of 1987, including the debut of probably the most influential sci-fi show of the era, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I can remember rushing home from an evening drama club rehearsal in high school to watch the two hour pilot of this new show. My Star Teek fandom was relatively new, and I didn't have the attachment to the classic series that a lot of fans did. I was pretty enamored of the new show, and no one had seen special effects like this on tv before. Production values were high, the cast was strong and there were nods to where Trek had been (Admiral McCoy) and where it would be going (A Klingon on the bridge!)

In retrospect, Encounter at Farpoint is not a good episode of the series. It did give us a great recurring antagonist in Q, but the dialogue was clunky and the actors hadn't fully discovered their characters yet. There was a glimmer of greatness there but it would take a while to get to it.

The second episode is no better. The Naked Now is an almost direct copy of the original series episode The Naked Time. For a show that wanted to distance itself from the original, this was a bad idea. Maybe if this had come later in the season, when we had grown to like these characters this would have worked better. By altering the personality of characters we had just met, we were denied getting to know more about them as they actually were. Plus we get our first "Wesley saves the ship" plot. Little did we know how often that would happen

Another show that had started around this time was Beauty and the Beast. This was a show that knew what it was from the beginning. It started strong and continued to provide lovely fairy-tale like romance stories. Vincent and Catherine were very strong characters from the start, and it is a pleasure to spend some time in that world.

Duck Tales stays strong as well. Stories included robot thieves, shadow magic, genies, time travel and super heroes. Don't think too hard about the plots and you'll have fun with these cartoon romps.

The one new show for me this week was Friday the Thirteenth the Series. Nothing to do with the slasher movies, the is is the story of a pair of cousins who inherit an antique store from an uncle they didn't know. They discover that the items in the store are cursed, as is the store. To break the curse, they must track down all the items the uncle sold which he tracked in his ledger. In the pilot, a little girl gets a murderous porcelain doll. As horror tv series go, it's not bad. The plots seems pretty straightforward, and the characters are pretty stock. Hopefully, it picks up.

Lastly a movie. And maybe one of the all time great movies. Does much need to be said about The Princess Bride? A fantastic, funny, action filled fantasy, it hits all the buttons. A great cast, a great framing device, and lines that people still quote over 30 years later This one can honestly be called a classic.

Thanks for you patience with me, and thanks is for reading the blog. Onward to more 1987 greatness!

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