October 29 - November 5, 1987

It's another typical week of late 80s tv, Halloween themed for the time of year.

On Beauty and the Beast, Vincent was able to see Catherine in public, because of a halloween party. Unfortunately some issues with Irish terrorists got in the way of their characters romamtic meeting.

On Friday the Thirteenth, their Halloween party got out of hand when the evil spirit of Uncle Lewis inadvertently got released. The team was under a time crunch to stop the evil incantation that would allow him to return from the dead. A tiny demon and Halloween shenanigans did their best to try foil the team's plans. I'm not much for horror, but this show is pretty bloodless, and the scares are mild.

Meanwhile on DuckTales, Halloween isn't mentioned in the weeks' episodes. Instead there's a four-part story where Scrooge has to show exactly how much money he has so he can win a contract to sell glowing fruit. It seems to me that Scrooge McDuck is the Gordon Gecko of children's television. Greed is good and it's all about how much money you have. I guess that makes DuckTales the cartoon that exemplifies the 1980s

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