October 20-29, 1987

Sometimes the list gives you an unexpected treat. Amongst the daily episodes of DuckTales (The search for the Fountain of Youth, weird subterranean ball creatures, time travel to meet Homer and Circe, the Bermuda Triangle, Tiny aliens, and more!), the first decent episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Where No One Has Gone Before, with the Traveller and an accidental trip 3 million light years from home), a killer rock star on Friday the Thirteenth, and the final part of Doctor Who’s Paradise Towers (a very silly story about a killer high rise) came a little movie called The Hidden.

I didn’t expect much from the film. A low budget, buddy cop film made in the 80s doesn’t seem like it would have much going for it. Michael Nouri stars as a decent cop trying to solve the mystery of why a seemingly normal stock broker would suddenly go on a murderous rampage in a bank. When Kyle McLaughlin shows up as an FBI investigator looking into other similar cases, the plot gets going.

What follows are car chases, gun fights and some surprising sci-fi elements. Not everyone is what they seem in this movie. If this sounds intriguing to you, I suggest you go in blind. Some of the surprises are telegraphed in the promo material - the trailer, the poster, the VHS tape cover.

It’s nice to come across something you haven’t heard of that is good. Not every science fiction movie has to be a big budget special effects extravaganza. Sometimes all you need are good performances, a strong script and a story that can surprise.

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