October 10-19, 1987

It's always fun to see things, people and places you recognize while watching tv.

Now let's get this straight, Friday the Thirteenth the Series is not good. It's a cheesy, syndicated horror series that revels in its bad special effects and hackneyed plots. But it is filmed in Toronto, so when a monastery is needed as a location, where do you film? Casa Loma of course. For an order of monks that took a vow of poverty, they sure have an opulent estate.

The plot involved a cursed pen that made prophecies come true. The investigators go undercover as brothers who transfer in from Ireland. Don't ask me how they never noticed one of the. Was a beautiful woman, but whatever. People die mysteriously, and the whole thing ends with a state of the art (for 1987) computer generated flying guillotine blade. There really is no reason to rewatch this series, but I'm 3 episodes down and 68 to go.

In other series, Star Trek: The Next Generation hadn't got much better with the blatantly racist "Code of Honor" and the weak introduction of the Ferengi in "The Last Outpost" Doctor Who is running around a skyscraper trying to kill everyone in Paradise Towers, and Evie from Out of this World finds her first boy crush.

At least there's DuckTales, which mostly tells fun, funny adventure stories.

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