November 6-14, 1987

Excuse the delay, I didn’t expect the summer to be so busy.

Some stories are forgettable, like any episode of The New Archies or Out of This World. Some are unforgettable for the wrong reasons, like “Justice”, the episode of Star Trek where Wesley is condemned to death for walking on the grass.

Others are just memorable. The big movie released this week was The Running Man. In some ways, it’s just another Schwarzenegger shoot ‘em up, but in others it was pretty prescient about what life in 2017 would be like.

Of course our present isn’t quite as dystopian as the one in the film, but a world with trial by reality show doesn’t seem that far off. Survivor doesn’t involve contestants being killed instead of voted out, but really, is there much difference?

Aside from the cheesy ‘80s fashion, Running Man could have been made today. It is a fun, action-packed romp that deserves another look.

The only new tv show to the list is Sable. Based on a comic by Mike Grell, it is the story of a man who is a children’s author by day, mercenary by night. It only ran for 8 episodes in the fall of 1987. It’s a typical action drama of the time. Nothing truly notable about this show, except it was the first screen appearance of a young Renee Russo.

It may be some time before my next entry, I’m off to Star Trek Las Vegas next week! Keep listening to the podcast for my con report.

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