November 22 - December 6, 1986

So we have come to the end of Season 23 of Doctor Who, and have to say goodbye to Colin Baker. If we had been watching this in real time, we never would have known this was his last episode. There was no indication story-wise that he was about to regenerate into our last incarnation of the classic series. I have read that things on set were not good with Baker and he while he was asked back to film a regeneration, he declined. It saddens me that we weren't given a chance to see where this Doctor could have gone. He had been going through an arc from curmudgeon to level-headed, and we were denied the chance to see where that could have gone.

The Pick of the Week though has to be Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Known by most everyone as "The One with the Whales", this was the movie that God me hooked on Star Trek. In the spring of 1987, I was in Grade 10 and had been chosen with about 60 other kids from my high school to go on an exchange to Masset, British Columbia, on the Queen Charlotte Islands. The movie on the flight home was this one. I saw it and became a fan for life.

Picking up where The Search for Spock left off, Kirk and company must travel back in time to present the day San Fransisco to retrieve a pair of whales, who are the only hope to communicate with a probe that is intent on destroying the earth if it doesn't get an answer. The fish out of water comedy makes this the easiest Trek movie for non-fans to enjoy. The strengths of the characters is apparent, and each of the main cast is given a chance to shine. This is really one of the first times Sulu, Chekov and Uhura were featured in the 20 years since Star Trek was first broadcast. Star Trek IV will always have a place in my favourite movie list.

So there's this short movie about toys, who come to life in the playroom when no humans are around to see them. Years before Pixar's big hit, the Henson Company made the Christmas Toy, a TV special with that similar premise. Very obviously aimed at kids, the story is surprisingly sad, about losing a loved one, and losing your innocence. Something you may want to look at next holiday season.

Oh yeah, there were some Ewok episodes too.

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