November 15 - December 12, 1987

Sometimes theres just not much to write about. The fall of 1987 was not a great time for nerd media. Most of the shows are just mediocre, and some are downright bad.

DuckTales just keeps chugging along, steady and fine. One episode is just like any other, a light comic adventure series. Kids of the 80s didn't expect character development, or continuing storylines. The surprising thing to me is that characters that loom large in my memory, like Gizmoduck, haven't appeared after 56 episodes. We are coming up to the end of the first season, perhaps these changes come in season 2.

Sable could have been a good series. The bones of it are there, but the moralizing is heavy handed and the acting is over the top. It is no surprise that it was cancelled after only 8 episodes.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is a show that hadn't found its voice yet, and Doctor Who is one on the decline. The less said about The New Archies, the better and Friday the Thirteenth can be fun, but the low budget hinders it's possibilities.

The one shining light of this time had been Beauty and the Beast. This was a show that knew what it was right out of the gate. It is well written, well acted and we'll produced. The stories are touching and romantic.

Coming next is the premier of that long running favourite, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Let's hope for better things going forward!

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