Nerd List Update - Introduction

Welcome to the first entry in my blog series about the giant nerd list that you may have heard me talk about on the podcast.

First an explanation of what my nerd list is all about. You see in 2016, I was laid off from my job. To fill the time between job searches, I started on a project to make a list of all movies and TV shows based on comics. Using Wikipedia as my reference, I made a Google Sheets document with columns for episode title, air date and show title. Once all the comics media was in, I decided to expand the scope and add anything that had been nominated for a Saturn, Annie, Nebula or Hugo Award. Eventually, I had a spreadsheet with over 12,000 entries.

I sorted the list by airdate, the oldest thing on the list being the first Captain Marvel (Billy Batson, not Carol Danvers) serial from 1940, the first filmed superhero in history. I watched my way through the Batman, Superman and Captain America serials of the 1940s, the Twilight Zones of the 1950s, the Batmans, Doctors Who and Star Treks of the 1960s and the tv superheroes, both live action and animated of the 1970s.

There have been highlights. The Twilight Zone comes to mind. And lowlights. The repetitive nature of shows like Wonder Woman and Incredible Hulk, and the casual racism of the Saturday morning cartoons of the 1970s. Sometimes the shows become more background noise than entertainment but here we are almost three years later and I am still updating the list and watching shows I've seen, shows I've forgotten and shows new to me.

Which brings us to today and this blog. Since the True North Nerds now have a web presence and a blogging platform, I thought a weekly roundup of what I've watched in the past week is a good topic for a blog. If all goes according to plan, look for these on Mondays.

If you can think of a better title for this series than Nerd List Update, let me know. Any thoughts or reactions can be shared via email at or on our Facebook or Twitter streams.

Next we will look at what I watched this week. Shows from the end of September 1986.

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