July 1 - Sept 25, 1987

A holiday weekend with few commitments meant that I had lots of time for list watching. But then time for the better of me and I had zero time for anything, not watching tv or writing this blog.

Easter weekend was quiet so I watched 4 movies, Started on four new television series and returned to an old favourite.

The best movie of the bunch was Robocop. I thought I had seen this film before but nothing seemed familiar. In the surface, it’s a bloody, gory action film, but it has the right amount of satire and depth to make this a classic. I highly recommended it.

Innerspace is a fun sci-fi comedy starring Martin Short And Dennis Quaid. Shenanigans happen which miniaturize Quaid into Short’s body. Wackiness ensues as Quaid must help Short overcome his shyness so they can beat the clock and return Quaid to his proper size. As 80s comedies go, this one is better than average.

The movie to avoid if I were you is Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. I remember seeing this in the cinema when it was first released and it is one of the few times I ever thought about walking out of a film before it ended. This movie is awful. Everyone in it is just going through the motions and the writers never seem to care about any of the characters.

A strange diversion is the made for TV movie The Spirit. The pilot for a never made series this stars Nana Visitor (who went on to star in Deep Space Nine) and former a Flash Gordon Sam Jones. Based on Will Eisner’s comics, this is the story of a good cop in a bad town who fakes his own death to be better able to get at the corruption infecting his city. Stylish and well written, this is better than it had any right to be and would have made a nice addition to 80s television had it been picked up.

Of the 4 new series this week, 2 are good and 2 are not.

DuckTales is very good. A catchy theme song, great animation, interesting characters and stories based on classic Carl Barks comics, this show is everything a cartoon should be. Thrilling and funny, there is a reason this show was recently revived.

Beauty and the Beast’s pilot does a phenomenal job setting up a quite complex premise. Ron Perlman as Vincent, the monster with an heart of gold and Linda Hamilton as Catherine, his would be romantic partner are both fantastic and give the far fetched premise the gravitas it needs.

Doctor Who returned for its 24th season and with its 7th Doctor, Sylvester McCoy. He is squared off against the Rani again and it is good to see how his new persona copes with a classic villain. Mel is still his companion, and I generally like her, if she just wouldn’t scream so much...

The less said about The New Archies and Out of this World, the better.

Now that the show I am in is open, I should get back to a more regular media consumption schedule soon.

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