December 12, 1986 - June 26, 1987

So I've reached a bit of a milestone when it comes to the list. Up to this point there has been a pretty established pattern. New shows start their seasons in September, and especially with animation are generally finished by December or sometimes January. Blockbuster movie season generally starts in June and runs through the summer. And that's why there is such a jump in dates that week. What few shows were on the list wrapped up at Christmas, and new movies didn't start to spring.

All this changes in 1987, thanks to a little show called Star Trek: the Next Generation. Once we get to the fall, the era of syndicated tv starts, the Saturn Awards add tv categories, and the rest of the list is jam packed with goodness.

Which brings us to what I watched this week. There were six movies, and the end of Star Wars animation until after the turn of the century.

Ewoks ended like it started. Juvenile and not very good. I'm not upset to see the end of that one.

Four of the movies this week seemed to be pretty standard 80s fare. The Golden Child is a typical comedy adventure movie with Eddie Murphy, Harry and the Hendersons is a typical 80s family comedy (with a sasquatch), The Witches of Eastwick, while it has a terrific cast, doesn't really rise above to make it a true classic and The Lving Daylights has a great new Bond in Timothy Dalton, but isn't one of the greatest in the franchise.

That leaves two films, First, Predator. An Arnie classic that most of you reading this probably don't need much explanation about, this is a tight, gripping action film. Full of classic lines, and setups that have become standard for movies of this type, this is Schwartzenegger at his best. With a memorable creature and special effects that are phenomenal for the era, Predator really is an 80s classic.

My pick of the week though, has to be Little Shop of Horrors. Anyone who knows me knows that I love musicals as much as I love sci-fi. Little Shop is one of my all time favourites. The story of a nebbishy flower store clerk who discovers a plant from outer space, The film version stars Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene. Full of great songs like "Suddenly Seymour", "Somewhere That's Green" and "Be a Dentist" and directed by Frank Oz, I consider this one of the best movie musicals. If you can find the original ending which stays closer to the original stage version, I would recommend that.

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