A New Rabbit Hole

Uh oh.

I think I found a new rabbit hole to fall down.

Gen here. I'm sure I've mentioned it on the podcast before, but I collect My Little Pony toys. Specifically, I collected the current generation (G4) and I have been for quite some time. Alas, season 9 will be the final season of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" and I'm afraid no more G4 ponies will be made.

This isn't even the complete collection

So I'm looking for a new addiction. Something else to scratch that collectors itch. Something not too expensive (because Brent will murder me if I start collecting expensive things) and something not too big (because we're already short on room)

I may have found it.

Yesterday, Ryan, Brent and I (along with TNN #1 Fan Rex) went to a toy show. We like to visit these every so often, and it's been a while since we've been. I try to not go crazy and buy everything, and for me a lot of it is reminiscing when I see toys I had when I was a kid. I also always keep my eyes peeled for Sailor Moon toys, and this time I found a good one.

Sailor Uranus - don't laugh at her name, she's badass!

This, I've discovered, is a QPosket figure. I've seen them in EB Games and liked the design, but I hadn't seen them out of box before. She's quite cute, with a lot more detail than Funko Pops (which I also love), and is in my favourite fandom: Sailor Moon. I also like the large head and eyes, and the addition of a shiny gem on her tiara.

This one is used (I got her pretty cheap) but I've since done a quick internet search to see what else is out there, and this is where the "uh oh" comes in. They retail new for about $25 and then come in EVERY fandom. Pretty much all the ones I like.

Sailor Moon. Harry Potter. Marvel. DC. Disney. Cardcaptor Sakura.

I'm gonna need some rules on which to buy so I don't buy them all. Maybe I'll just stick to Sailor Moon for now ... and Marvel (the Captain Marvel and Black Widow figures are cute!) .... and DC (who can say no to Wonder Woman?)

See my problem?

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